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Today’s Paper

Article on IMR and status of child deaths in India compared with its neighbors who are investing more in the health field. And in national level there is lot to learn from Tamil Nadu model . More than baby steps required

The Representation of People’s Act amendment and validation ordinance 2013 and the urgency showed by political parties to pass this ordinance is discussed  Not above the law

The continuing tendency to arrest writers and authors in the name of sedition and other allegations is killing the spirit of freedom of speech Little reason to restrict the freedom of speech.

Suggestion : Open Laxmikanth Polity book and cover these two sections, Fundamental rights and ordinance issue power of president .

Oxfam India Working Paper Series

Oxfam India Working Paper Series disseminates the findings of the work in progress to encourage the exchange of ideas about development issues. The findings, interpretations, and conclusion expressed in these papers are entirely those of the authors.